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Sunday, 9 September 2018

there lies many mysteries, some may unravel them..

what do i know of mysteries?

i know some sort or the other about feelings..,

feelings of loneliness, the best!

once i'll be no more, mere ash, as vibhooti on the heads of religious ones.. i am what i am; i am wrong now and will always be, because there ain't no such thing as truth for sure.. it's dwindling, with a truth set on its own.. it has eyes of its own.. ears of its own., listening on its own.. traveling on its own,.. on and on.. why do you think structure is so important, if at all you do.. do think.. else it's time to start thinking about it.. you have many realms, of light, of earth, of space, of vacuum, of water and so on.. of darkness? yes, of darkness.. who wants to disagree?

i don't see darkness as often as i see the sky.. i'm always out there.. i am not gonna write a story about it.. fantasies are for those with perseverance and might.. i don't have either... well..i've been doing few things quite meticulously, but without coercion from anyone, not even from myself :P

what are those? one, tea party? two, time exiled? well, both are nearing its death.. they're on deathbeds!

what about peregrine? can't you perform a surgery on all three? help them.. if you ever want to write, write with a mystery unkempt.. do not empty your mind writing.. always leave the reader perplexed... less perplexed than you're though.. ;)

is it possible for me to keep writing - just to unravel.. when the mind is full.. it needs to drain.. writing is a peculiar way to drain.. the rate at which you drain should be kept an eye on.. 'coz as you drain, you're also filling it.. the rate of filling should be greater than that of draining? got my point?

writing your feelings, pouring ones' hearts out, it should always be rationed or else you'll end up in isolated areas, with the mind astray, far from where you wanted it to be? what you desire from writing is not always what people get out of actually doing it..

for example, why Poe wrote those dark poems? to relieve himself, out of grief? he never got out of it right.. then there's JRR, who wrote bed-time stories for his kids.. well well well, where they're now! people do write for fame. it's a huge majority i'd say.. my point is that you better cover up your true intentions.. don't leave it to the audience out there what your true intentions are.. #never

your conversation with the universe should never be heard by a 3rd person.. you want to get something, ask.. you want fame? consider asking the universe.. it'll work.. #believe

now that you're here, feel free to listen to my desires.. what made you think I'm gonna write it here.. lol.. you're amazing if you read me well.. to be certain, let's see if we are on same page.. bruh.. there's only one page here.. :P

i hope i made you feel something... something/anything,.. a joke, a smile, one laugh, irritated at the very least..

you see, we're in this world.. i will never know what all things happen here at the wink of an eye? anyone can comprehend that? at the fraction of a second, what all things happened in the blue pebble of ours? let's try to list 'em down, one by one..

to start.. 21:11 it's.. on a Sunday evening.. Sep 9, '18 | IST

mother earth covered few km's around sun and on its own axis..
every clock/watch/pendulum did the same fraction of a tick..
7+ billion peoples' hearts beaten..
thousands lost their lives..
thousands came into life..
i'm just sticking to people for now.. 
i can't fathom about anything else..

let's not get into the internet as well..

in every corner of the world, at some joint shop, millions might have reminisced this beautiful evening.. 

millions enjoyed the sunset.. the beaches.. the birds.. for many millions it'll be sunrise.. the start of a week?

for sure one person is missing the love of his life!
many others will be happy to be with the love of their lives..!

what about Goths? where'd they be.. off to a cemetery, to aide the dead..
grievances can be plenty, but so does hope.. 
the winds and the clouds and the skies... it'll take a lifetime to describe a fraction of a second of earth..

it could be.. the number of operations performed by a computer..
multiply that by the number of computers.. it's huge..
the universe is not a mystery. it's just beyond comprehension..

you see, there're many things beyond comprehension, a circle being one, an enso being another.. 
they're all universes in their own ways.. so, are, you.. (?)